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Christian and Moral Issues
David Wright

David Wright is an evangelical Christian who writes from both his own experiences and from irrefutable evidence that he has collected over many years and this may explain why his essays can be hard hitting albeit convincing.

He laments the decline of Christianity over the years and the modern trendy styles of worship today with its emphasis on entertainment and the many false doctrines that prevail. He has studied at length the Pentecostal, charismatic and house groups fellowships and the songs they sing. He has spent years studying the false teaching on evolution, Holy Spirit baptism and speaking in tongues and written about sexual matters and how they and other worldly ideas have taken over modern day Christianity.

He has also investigated heresies and the writings of psychics, spiritualists and other dangerous beliefs.

But his writings are not negative but always honour both the Lord Jesus and the Scriptures. He abhors the degradation of women. He is an advocate for the rights of women and children but laments extreme feminism.

His courageous writings and ministry has resulted in his having many enemies. He has been banned from two local churches. Once because he stood up for the pastor who was falsely accused and sacked and the second was when he was falsely accused of being a heretic with his teaching on the Trinity which is entirely Biblical and certainly not heretical.

Dr Wright would be the first to say that he is not a paragon of virtue, faultless or anyone special. He has made many mistakes in his private life. Although his writings might suggest that he is bellicose and difficult, the fact is that he is a quiet, charming, thoughtful and very caring person.

He is both a Bachelor of Divinity and a Doctor of Divinity by examination as well as a PhD and yet remains humble and patient despite his declining health and his gracious endurance of those who attack him because of his stand for the truth.

Max Camero, D Th.