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Aids and Swimming



Atheism and Left Wing Politics

Atheists - see Richard Dawkins

Association with Evil


Back from the Dead

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Brethren and Pentecostals - Decline in Brethen Assemblies and upsurge in Pentecostals - An investigation (Various authors)

Calvinism and Plymouth Brethren

Changes After Conversion

Child Abuse

Christening and Infant Baptism

Christian Frauds

Christian Science

Christianity in Viet Nam

Christians Being Persecuted in the UK

Colin Fry (JM)

Colin Urquhart: When the Spirit Comes

Co-operation in Evangelism

Copyright Law

Corbyn and Castro

REVISED Dangers of Homosexuality

Darwin and Evolution

David, a man after God's own heart... Really?

Delusional Disorder


Denominations and Cults



Discipline in the Assembly (JND)

Divorce - see Adultery

Do We Blame Eve and Sarah?

Drugs: A Short Introduction

Dumbing Down

Effeminacy and Homosexuality

Election and Foreknowledge

Elim Pentecostals and Speaking in Tongues

Equality Act 2010…Unfair to Christians

Evil Speaking

Exclusive Brethren

Eye Witnesses to Jesus Christ


Feminism and Christianity

Flavius Josephus

Sir Bruce Forsyth

Friendship (DD)

Frontline Teaching Course

George Michael

Global Warming






Heresy and Church History



Is Christianity Unfair to Women?

Is Television Harmful? (1976)

Is That Skirt Too Short?

Jeremy Corbyn, A Dangerous Man

John Wember and his False Doctrines

Jehovah Witnesses

Jeremy Kyle

Kansas City Prophets

Kate Middleton Topless Pictures

Keep the Door of my Lips

Know Alls

Laurel and Hardy

Left Wing Politics and Atheism

Mary Radford

Mel Tari, another charismatic fraud?

Men, Victims of Rape

Many Infallible Proofs

Miniskirt and Sexual Revolution

Misuse of Words

Misuse of Words 2: Am I Weird?

Moral Decline and STDs

Mormons or The Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints

Nakedness (DR)

Nell Gwyn

Nihilism and Other Mental Disorders

Pentecostals and Charismatics

Offensive Television Adverts 2012


Princess Diana

Reasons For Not Going to Church

Rev C I Scofield


Richard Dawkins: Atheist

Rogues, Racism and Rebellion

Shanklin Gospel Hall

Shocking Schoolteachers

Signs of the Times

Simon Cowell

Songs of Fellowship

Song of Solomon (DW, JG, JB)

Spiritualism and the Bible

Stephen Hawking

Terror in Norway and Politics

The Acts of the Apostles (GS)

The Birth of Christ

The Charismatic Nightmare

The Compassionate Christ

The Cruel God of Calvanism

The Da Vinci Code

The Decline of Christianity

The Didache

The Enemy Within

The Eternal Sonship


The Existence of the God of the Bible

The Good That Christians Do

The Greatest Teacher

The Historical Jesus

The History of the Brethren

The Holy Kiss

The Holy Spirit in Benedictions

The Holy Trinity, The Eternal Son, Jehovah and Tritheism

The Killing of God

The Lost Books of the New Testament

The Modern, Independent Woman (VL)

The Occult

The Occult Revival (FAT)

The Palestinian Question

The Science of Evolution

The Ten Commandments of the 21st Century

The X Factor

These Lovely Things

Tongues Have Ceased

Tony Blair, War Criminal


Tough Scriptures:
1. Hate Father, Mother, Wife and Children

Tough Scriptures:
. His Soul in Hell

Trade Unions


True Fellowship When We Were Young

True Worship


UK National Debt
(August 2011)


Vietmam – an introduction to and account of the Vietnam Conflict

Village Life on the Isle of Wight from 1850 to 1920


Virgin Birth

Was the Bible Tampered With?

What the Elim Pentecostal Churches Believe

What you need to know about Labour Politics

When Discrimination and Sexism is Wrong

Why Does God Allow Suffering

Why I Believe the Bible

Why I Left Elim (BM)

Why I Left The Pentecostal Church (MC)

Wilful Sin

Witchcraft and the Christian

Women as Priests and Bishops

Women at Risk

Women's Dress